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Autima is a leading provider of Automated Cold Chain and Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Giving you complete visibility of your sensitive products. Based in Sydney, Australia, and used in over 110 countries, we are proud to supply our technology to high-profile clients across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

More Than Just A System

More than just a system.

At Autima, we provide experience, guidance, and hands-on support, to ensure complete visibility of your monitored environment – from Temperature to Humidity, Differential Pressure, Power Status and more.

Our suite of technologies including our remote temperature monitoring devices and leading cloud-based portal, have the ability to monitor a range of parameters and have applications across industries such as Healthcare, Life Sciences, Universities, Research Institutes and Warehousing and Distribution.

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Advantages of our Environmental
Monitoring Systems

Our products are designed with reliability as a priority. This includes roaming SIM cards for full network redundancy, remote system health, firmware updates, and full DRP and backup servers that are located in the cloud.
Power monitoring & backup batteries.
Mains powered devices divert to a built-in backup battery and will notify the customer in the event of a power failure or tripped circuit breaker.
Maintenance free
Our Electronic Monitoring Devices are plug and play and designed to work in the harshest environments. The battery powered devices have a run-time of up to five years therefore keeping maintenance down to a minimum.
Our cloud-based graphical dashboards update automatically when data is uploaded, or as soon as an alarm condition is triggered. Alarm notifications are fully customisable and are sent to designated users via Email, SMS and Smartphone App.
Analytical Reports
Our cloud portal enables users to access a wide variety of data, graphical and dynamic analytical reports to ensure that users can easily identify problem areas and underperforming assets.
Low cost of deployment
Our monitoring units are easy to install and there is no requirement for the client to purchase or maintain their own IT infrastructure such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Dedicated Servers. Devices are plug and play and connect directly to our cloud-based platform. All you need is access to a web browser.
GPS tracking
Online real-time GPS tracking is available when monitoring mobile assets such as trucks or refrigerated vehicles. Maps and GPS reports enable users to analyse routes, distances covered per day as well as maximum and average speeds.

Trust us to provide you with the most effective monitoring solution to fit your needs.

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