dnata Australia | Case Study

dnata Australia | Case Study

Throughout the aviation industry, ground handling and other services make it possible for flights to depart and arrive on time and ensure that all baggage is thoroughly and correctly handled before being loaded onto or offloaded from the respective aircraft. Cargo, catering, and ground handling are just some of the segments of the supply chain that need to be addressed in airport logistics.

As one of the world’s largest air services providers, dnata offers ground handling, cargo, travel, catering and retail  services across six continents, including Australia. More recently, in keeping with the current climate and global demands, dnata invested in, and acquired WHO Good Distribution Practice (GDP) accreditation in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth to handle and store temperature sensitive healthcare products, such as COVID-19 vaccines.


Battery-operated device to Automated intelligence

Before Autima (previously Beyond Wireless) was engaged, dnata made use of battery-powered temperature monitors. The devices were not ineffective, however the batteries required regular replacement, and they could not support more than 4 temperature probes. Most importantly, battery powered devices could not sustain data uploading to the cloud in real time, nor the extra load of automated warnings and notifications if temperature thresholds were regularly exceeded.  This created a need to assess the solutions in place to ensure the enhanced reliability and quality of temperature monitoring in place for the future.

dnata required a solution that was automated, reliable, real-time, and low maintenance. A solution that could sustain the ability to proactively alert various individuals or a group of recipients in the event of an excursion or alarm. Autima’s solution was unmatched by dnata’s initial devices and upgrading was the preferred option.


Compliance is key

Pharmaceutical companies need to maintain strict quality requirements and ensure their products are transported and stored at correct temperatures. Accordingly, partnering with logistics providers, such as dnata, who maintain and are independently certified to the right compliance levels to sustain WHO GDP accreditations, is essential.

To reach compliance standards for the handling and storage of healthcare cargo, dnata decided to upgrade its temperature monitoring systems to use larger mains operated logging devices with battery backups. Everything needed to be upgraded, with the larger cool rooms now having up to 6 probes, monitoring different locations within a single room.

“Compliance is where the value lies, and there is no compliance without the correct cool room temperature monitoring”, says Marlon Cohen, Senior Manager at Autima.

Joshua Smith, Performance & Programs Manager at dnata Australia, speaks to the low maintenance requirements of Autima’s mains devices and states that since installation, there has been no need to further engage with the devices.  There is now peace of mind when it comes to the state of their cool chain assets.

“Autima’s solution allows us to refer to temperature data with ease, and further enhanced our monitoring process It provides the information we need for our clients”, says Joshua.

Autima’s solution includes an easy-to-use cloud-based portal, where data is stored and is easily accessible at any given time. dnata can easily record differences and fluctuations in temperature from one corner of a storage facility to another, meaning that, for cargo housed in the same cool room, temperature from the location of one shipment to the next is known and can be kept consistent.

“Having these devices in place has increased our understanding of the way in which the temperature stratifies in different locations within a room. Since installation of Autima’s mains devices, we have been able to find ways to improve the ability of a cool room to maintain uniform temperatures. This has enabled us to meet the compliance requirements of the WHO GPD accreditation for all our sites,” continues Joshua.

With Autima on board, dnata has been able to expand its businesses and provide its clients with peace of mind when it comes to the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo. Autima and dnata Australia have a long-standing relationship and with dnata having close to 15 devices, they are one of Autima’s biggest clients.


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