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Automated, Accurate and Reliable Solutions

Driven to enable the world’s most vital organizations to continue their life-saving work without having to worry about their sensitive products potentially being compromised by unmonitored temperature excursions.

Autima (formerly Beyond Wireless Technology) was established in 2011 as a premium reseller of Beyond South Africa’s temperature monitoring devices.


Since 2011 we have recognized that the need for remote monitoring solutions extended beyond the healthcare sector. As a result, we expanded our offering to provide solutions for monitoring critical regulated environments in the Life Sciences, University & Research Institutes, and Warehousing & Distribution sectors across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Lead by a team of highly experienced individuals, we’re committed to giving our clients peace of mind, by enabling them to continuously monitor their sensitive products and equipment from anywhere in the world.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure that we provide the best possible technology and solutions for the individual needs of all clients, across a variety of sectors, to improve human health and quality of life. We aim to provide peace of mind, by continuously monitoring all assets and offering full visibility of temperature-sensitive assets and equipment anywhere around the world.

Our Values

We are Reliable

Reliability is the backbone of our company and our main focus. We are acutely aware of the vital role our devices play in enabling organizations to continue their life-saving work. We are therefore committed to always being there for our clients, no matter the time or day.

We are Conscious

Consciousness is key to ensuring that we do our part to make the world a better place. We fully understand the importance of our offerings, and how they contribute to making a positive difference and impact on the environment.

We are Adaptable

We know that the world is an ever-changing environment and growing and changing with the needs of our clients and their organizations is something that is always top of mind. Being able to continuously provide the right solutions and adapt to individual needs is key when it comes to longevity.

Our Leadership Team

Our Partners

beyond wireless


Beyond has been providing remote monitoring and control solutions to the world’s most vital organisations for almost two decades. Their technology enables global organisations such as UNICEF, The World Health Organization (WHO), the International Committee for the Red Cross, the Pan American Health Organization, and their partners to seamlessly continue the lifesaving work they do by providing real-time visibility of their remote and mobile assets. 

iPAC Solutions

iPAC provides instrumentation servicing, calibration and associated products that enable businesses in Australia and New Zealand to achieve and maintain quality conformance.

Organization, and their partners to seamlessly continue the lifesaving work they do by providing real-time visibility of their remote and mobile assets. 

iPAC solutions
wyre electrical

Wyre Electrical

Wyre Electrical specializes in residential, commercial  and real-estate property services; and provides professional installation and commissioning services to Autima.

The Wyre Electrical team installs all Autima monitoring devices and sensors across a wide array of applications. This includes highly technical installations across TGA certified facilities, clean rooms, cryogenics and dangerous goods areas.

Autima and Wyre Electrical have built a key partnership over many years of working closely together, which has resulted in the continued delivery of high quality projects for clients across Australia and Asia-Pacific.

Dion Rachelson

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Dion is Managing Director at Autima and offers over 30 years of extensive experience in both the engineering and business management industry.

Dion is a creative problem solver who excels at establishing and driving business strategies that transform new technology into viable, cost-effective solutions through innovative product and system design.

Marlon Cohen

Senior Manager of Client Partnerships

Marlon is the Senior Manager of Client Partnerships at Autima and has been with the company for six years. Marlon is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day running of the business, client liaison, and works closely with the executive team to support business growth.

Marlon works closely with some of the larger clients and partners and has an innate ability to identify and implement relevant technology solutions and is inspired by the lifesaving and disease-preventing work of the healthcare sector.

Lucas Van Weelde

Senior Sales Associate

Lucas provides clients with seamless sales processes from start to finish, with a focus on lead generation, client service, customer retention, and general marketing.

Lucas combines critical business skills with a robust understanding of the sales and marketing environment and offers a dynamic approach to problem-solving. He is passionate about improving access to quality healthcare in third-world countries and aims to positively impact people.


Richard Cohen

Director and Chief Financial Officer

Richard is the Director and Chief Financial Officer at Autima. Richard is responsible for maintaining client relationships, business development, as well as financial oversight, and planning.

Richard’s mission is to bring Autima’s technology to remote and underdeveloped communities , where there are significant challenges to reliably store refrigerated foods and medicinal products.

Ryan Sack

Operations Manager

Ryan is the Operations Manager at Autima, and is responsible for the organisation, installation, and alterations of all devices.

Ryan has worked in a variety of industries, including retail, sales, and electrical. With great attention to detail and a knack for customer service, Ryan successfully maintains relationships, while ensuring that all clients are provided with the best service and solutions that suit their needs.

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