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Our Electronic Monitoring system ensures the ongoing quality and integrity of your products and specimens by continuously monitoring your critical assets, such as Fridges, Freezers, Incubators and Clean Rooms.

Our system ensures that you have complete visibility and peace of mind 24/7.

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User-friendly and maintenance-free, our monitoring system is compliant with Strive for Five, GAMP5, CFR21 Part 11, WHO PQS and NATA certifications and we monitor a wide variety of parameters including, Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure, Air Quality and Power Status.


Remote Temperature Monitoring Device

The Ice3 is the most advanced, modern and dependable Electronic Monitoring Device on the market.

Connect anywhere in the world: The Ice3’s roaming SIM card provides total network redundancy, without the requirement for physical network infrastructure such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Dedicated Servers.

Battery-powered: The Ice3 is completely independent of all client infrastructure and is unaffected by electricity spikes, surges, or blackouts.

Low deployment cost: The Ice3 is easy to deploy requiring no specific tools or expertise.

Maintenance-free: The Ice3 battery-powered option runs for up to five years without needing to be recharged or replaced. The Ice3 also comes in a mains-powered option that has a rechargeable battery which automatically charges when plugged in. The device will also notify designated recipients in the event of a power failure.

Capacity: The Ice3 can simultaneously monitor up to four external temperature points, as well as mains power (on/off) and door position (open/closed) for fridges and freezers. The Ice3  has a built-in Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor for ambient monitoring requirements. It has an LCD screen to display current temperatures as well as a built-in buzzer and flashing LED for alarms.

Tracking with GPS: Real-time GPS tracking is available with the Ice3 device. This enables users to track mobile assets such as refrigerated vehicles.



Remote Monitoring Device

The Ice3 EXTRA is both adaptable and scalable.

Global Connectivity: The Ice3 EXTRA includes a roaming SIM card, that provides total network redundancy without the requirement for the client to maintain any physical network infrastructure such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Dedicated Servers.

Low Deployment Costs: The Ice3 EXTRA is simple to set up, requiring minimal tools and no specific training. The device is wall-mounted and mains-powered with a built-in backup battery.

A Diverse Set of Inputs: Ice3 EXTRA can monitor up to 8 parameters at once including Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Power Status, Voltages, PH Levels and more.

Expandability: The Ice3 EXTRA’s capabilities can also be expanded by adding an 8-channel PT100 board which provides an additional 8 temperature channels.  These can be used to monitor cryogenic freezers e.g. liquid nitrogen at -196°C, all the way up to +400°C

Trust us to provide you with the most effective monitoring solution to fit your needs.

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FreezeGuard™ is a patented, fail-safe solution designed to ensure that vaccines, blood products, patient samples and specimens are never accidentally frozen – thus protecting the integrity of freeze sensitive products. 

Remote Control

Remote Fridge Controller

The main purpose of the controller is to enable control via a BeyondCom unit. This allows you to replace the thermostat/controller in a fridge with a controller that can be set remotely. This is predominantly for blood/vaccine fridges.

Our Remote Fridge Controller :

  • Allows you to remotely adjust the temperature of your fridge or freezer from anywhere, through the ColdCloud™™ portal
  • Limits access to this feature to designated users only
  • Reduces the time and cost associated with sending technicians to site


Cutting-Edge, Web-Based Monitoring Technology

No hidden costs, no software and no physical infrastructure is required. If you have access to the internet, you are all set!

Autima can optimise your monitored environment with ColdCloud™  – an easy to deploy, easy to use cloud-based management platform that allows users to proactively manage their Cold Chain.

Our ColdCloud™ portal enables you to:

  • Monitor a variety of parameters such as Temperature, Humidity and Power Status 24/7
  • Set alarm parameters for each asset
  • Choose notification preferences
  • Pre-empt failures and prevent product losses
  • Ensure compliance and maintain safety standards
  • Log incidents and corrective action for alarms

ColdCloud™ works symbiotically with the Ice3 and Ice3 EXTRA monitoring devices which continually log and monitor a wide variety of parameters.

Users can view and download data using a variety of graphical and analytical reports, as well use the ColdCloud™ platform to set alarm parameters and recipients for each asset as required.

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