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24/7 Remote Cold Chain Monitoring and Temperature Control

Our cutting-edge automated cold chain monitoring devices and solutions ensure your sensitive products remain within the required temperature range, safeguarding quality, maintaining efficacy and enabling compliance.

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Why Choose Autima for Your Cold Chain Needs?

Advanced Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Systems:

Our state-of-the-art Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Systems offer real-time insights and alerts, enabling you to respond instantly to any deviations. This proactive approach minimises risks and protects your sensitive products from temperature-related damages.

Automated Cold Chain Management:

Streamline processes with our Automated Cold Chain Monitoring System. Reduce manual interventions, increase efficiency, and ensure consistent monitoring across all storage and transit points.

Monitor Multiple Temperature Points:

Our cold-chain monitoring device, Ice³, has a built-in Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor for ambient monitoring requirements and can simultaneously monitor up to four external temperature points, mains power (on/off) and door position (open/closed) for fridges and freezers. 

Cutting-Edge, Web-Based Monitoring Technology

Optimise your monitored environment with ColdCloud™  – our easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use cloud-based management platform that allows you to proactively manage your Cold Chain by monitoring a wide variety of parameters, pre-empting failures and preventing product losses.

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