Ensure Precision and Safety with Autima

Eliminate manual checks with our Automated Remote Laboratory Environmental Monitoring System

From temperature to humidity our monitoring technology gives you 24/7 visibility and control of your laboratory from anywhere in the world. Autima’s Electronic Monitoring Devices are easy to deploy and seamlessly integrate with our cloud portal to give you real-time data to ensure optimal conditions that protect your valuable research.

Gain complete peace of mind with Autima’s lab environmental monitoring systems.

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Why Choose Autima for Your Laboratory Needs?

We provide monitoring and alarming solutions for:

Fridges, Freezers and Cryogenics

Differential Pressure for Clean Rooms

Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Monitoring

Power Failures

Fridge/Freezer Doors Opening and Closing

We are trusted and used by:

GMP Facilities

Clinical Trial Facilities

Pathology Facilities

Product Testing Facilities

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

Enhancing Pathology Lab Efficiency with an Automated Temperature Monitoring System

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