Ensure Vaccine Potency

24/7 Temperature Control & Real-Time Insights

Autima's Vaccine Cold Chain monitoring solutions ensure vaccines remain potent, safe, and effective from manufacturing to product usage by simultaneously monitoring up to four external temperature points, mains power (on/off) and door position (open/closed) for fridges and freezers and sending real-time alerts to designated individuals to take corrective action remotely.

Partner with Autima to secure the integrity of your vaccine cold chain.

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Why Choose Autima for Your Vaccine Monitoring Needs?

Maintain Optimal Storage Conditions

Our solutions focus on creating an environment where the temperature range is consistently upheld, thereby preserving vaccine integrity. 

Preserve Vaccine Potency

Our monitoring systems continuously track and record temperature data, providing real-time alerts for any deviations. This ensures immediate corrective actions can be taken, preventing any potential damage to the sensitive components of vaccines.

Advanced Cold Chain Monitoring Systems
Cloud-based monitoring allows for the immediate detection of temperature deviations from anywhere in the world, enhancing visibility and control. Our early warning systems alert staff immediately when temperatures deviate from the safe range, while automated monitoring reduces human error, ensuring consistent and reliable checks that prevent potential vaccine damage, reduce wastage, and enhance distribution efficiency.

The Cold Chain of Vaccines
Safeguarding Health Through Temperature Monitoring

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